Kerala Lottery Result Today 01.5.23: Win Win W 717 Winner List

Kerala Lottery Result Today 01.5.23: Win Win W 717 Winner List
Win Win W 717 Lottery Result Today

Kerala Lottery Result - 01.05.2023 Win Win Lottery Result Today W-717 With Chart is Live. Win Win W-717 Live at 3:00 PM you can download the PDF version at 4:00 PM.

കേരള ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി ഫലം - 01.05.2023 വിൻ വിൻ ലോട്ടറി ഫലം ഇന്ന് ചാർട്ടിനൊപ്പം W-717 തത്സമയം. Win Win W-717 Live 3:00 PM-ന് നിങ്ങൾക്ക് PDF പതിപ്പ് 4:00 PM ന് ഡൗൺലോഡ് ചെയ്യാം.

The Win-Win lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in Kerala and offers a first  Prize of Rs. 75 lakhs. The second prize is Rs. 5 lakhs, while the third is Rs. 1 lakhs. Additionally, several other consolation prizes and 8,000 awards will be distributed in the Win-Win W-717 Lottery Result Today.

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Kerala Lottery Winner List and Winning Number:

1st Prize Rs: 7,500,000/- 

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Consolation Prize Rs.8, 000/-

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2nd Prize Rs.500,000/-

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3rd Prize Rs.100, 000/-

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4th Prize Rs.5,000/-

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5th Prize Rs.2,000/-

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6th Prize Rs.1,000/-

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7th Prize Rs.500/-

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8th Prize Rs.100/-

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FAQs on Win Win Kerala Lottery Result 01.05.2023

What is the cost of a Win-Win W 717 Lottery ticket?

The Win-Win W 717 Lottery ticket cost is only Rs 40. You can purchase this Ticket at the Local store.

Can I purchase Kerala Lottery Win Win W 717 tickets online?

The Kerala Lottery Win Win W 717 tickets are only available in Physical Stores. There is no way to buy this online.

What is the first Prize of the Win Win W 717 Lottery ticket on 01.05.2023?

The first prize of the Win Win W 717 Lottery is 75 Lakh.

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Kerala Lottery Result Chart 01.05.2023

Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2023 (May) by Kerala State Lottery